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Shiny blur is a trendy iPhone App development studio located in Melbourne that has released more than 15 iPhone and Android apps. We specialise in helping startups get off the ground with their flagship app. We also love helping existing companies to improve their brand image and increase their customer base with an App.

Yes, we create mobile apps.

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Favors With Friends

Great little social app we did for a client to game-ify favours between friends. Uses Parse for the back end. We did the coding for the App and set up the back end. Graphic design by Luke Allen.


An app that allows people to record messages for someone's birthday. On the person's birthday they get a call that plays them the message. Can also be used to haunt people from the grave.

Menu Buddy: Thailand

An app that can help you decipher menus in either Thailand at street markets or in restaurants back at home.


If you've ever outsourced anything overseas then you know the hassle that comes along with it. Being local to Melbourne means we can quickly organise a phone call or a coffee to discuss your app.

Modern design

Following the latest trends in flat UI we're able to create clean and beautiful designs for Apps. We focus on simple workflows that are fun for the user.

Fast Service

We've made quite a few of these iPhone Apps now and have become quite skilled at making them on time and within budget.

The team

A one man team is the most efficient.
George McKibbin
iPhone App Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an App usually Cost?
There's no fixed price but the cost is usually in the $8,000 to $20,000 range. Contact us for a quote.
How long do they take to make?
Between 1 and 2 months is the usual time frame.
Do you make iPhone and Android apps?
We specialise in iPhone Apps however we have some great Android developer friends that we can contract to.

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